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Iraq Horticulture Development Program

The Iraq Horticulture Development Program (IHD) works to boost the Horticulture sector's competitiveness, strengthen the knowledge among farmers on efficient and sustainable horticulture management and increase resilience of market systems. Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and implemented by ECO Consult in cooperation with Delphy, the four-year project will focus on improving and increasing the production of harvest and contribute directly to expanding opportunities in the horticulture value chain through the following key activities:

Introducing innovative climate smart agriculture (CSA) technologies

Improving postharvest practices for fresh fruits

Enhancing knowledge transfer among counterparts and partner organizations

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Our Work

The IHD program works to improve and increase the production of vegetables and fruits through boosting the competitiveness of locally grown agriculture products. The sustainability of the agricultural sector in Iraq has been systematically undermined by conflict, neglect, and mismanagement

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Adopting New Technologies

Iraq is known for its mix of geographic landscape; while arid lands are widespread in the southern and middle parts of the country and irrigated agriculture is dominant.

Improving Postharvest Practices

Local production is immediately competed with cheaper imports from neighboring countries. Thus, local produce is either not sold or at some instances.

Enhancing Knowledge Exchange

Acquiring and disseminating knowledge by various actors is critical to the development of the Horticulture sector and improvement of farming practices.

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